Boot Dryer

How do you get your boots dry when you ride everyday when it is wet???

If you have a tractor supply store or country western wear store near you go there. They have boot dryers that you can purchase. Basically it is a machine that looks like two hair dryers wired together that you place your boots upon and they dry them.

Or the good old air vent at home works also(if the wife doesn't mind, LOL)

Here is a pic of one.


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[ February 02, 2002: Message edited by: scottzx7rr ]

Hey, that's pretty darn cool!!

When My boots get wet I usually take the bootie out (I've got the Tech 8's which have a bootie inside) and turn them on their side in front of a table top fan. I don't know if this will work overrnight but I usually don't check on my boots until the 2nd day and they're dry by then.

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