2014 YZ450F soft seat? Ouch to my ass

As much as I love my new 2014, I often feel like the bike is riding me.  Especially when sitting down.


Anyone make an aftermarket stock seat that still blends nicely with the gascap cover in the front?

Stand more.. Haha

I actually don't know, guts makes a softer foam I would bet

Gotta get higher bars. Or lower pegs. Or both. Standing is pretty crouched over on this bike.

Can't stand ALL the time anyway.

I had the same problem. I bought a soft one through theses guys. Www.Gutsracing.com

Made a huge difference!

Maybe Fisher seats?

I put a guts tall soft on mine and I love it. 

I like the guts stuff. They make one for the 2014? It didn't seem to indicate a different part number for that year.

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