Anaheim III results.....spoiler....

1 4 Ricky Carmichael HON 20 54.567

2 21 Stephane Roncada KAW 20 3.626 54.488

3 12 David Vuillemin YAM 20 5.609 54.875

4 5 Mike LaRocco HON 20 7.522 54.957

5 25 Nathan Ramsey HON 20 9.370 55.045

6 2 Jeremy McGrath YAM 20 14.775 54.536

7 199 Travis Pastrana SUZ 20 24.563 54.985

8 35 Michael Byrne HON 20 35.799 56.357

9 24 Ernesto Fonseca HON 20 38.850 56.515

10 11 Ezra Lusk KAW 20 41.417 55.939

Mc had the holeshot then fade to 6 at the end after epic battle with RonRon, Travis had great start then, crash then get back to 7, The Rock had a bad start.

Resume from Sx

good night



What is up with MC?? I'm just about in tears does the king of supercross go from hero to well 6th in the span of two years. I really don't think he was ready for RC last year but I had figured after all the talk about him getting trained and lean and all that, that he would be rippin it up. Someone help MC

Yeah, Ron Ron came out of the first corner behind MC, held his place, then when RC went by both of them, Ron Ron pushed MC until he could finally get past.

My personal opinion is that super mac was so fast in the years past that he would go 100% for the first five laps and then go 80% for the rest of the race. He now can not pull away from the pack like he used to and this makes him get anxious and he gets arm pump. He was going to fade someday I am suprised that he has on top for this long. Who remembers the Hannah, Johnson, Stanton days? I would be suprised if he doesn't win at least one.

Yeah, he had run at 100% for a short time, no one ever really challenged him, so he could back off. Suddenly, RC gets serious, and forces him to run 100% a full race. This year, EVERYONE has stepped it up. With everyone raising the bar, mcgrath can't go the distance.

He's also 30. Come on, he's finished. LaRocco is a machine, and the exception. I wanna see Vuilleman get the title....I am sick of everyone bashing him. Yeah he's french and all, but hey, he's a darn good rider, he deserves it. I really want LaRocco or Pastrana, or Windham to get the title though. :D Vuillemin simply to shut everyone up. Carmichael still rocks, I just wish he was still on a KX... :)

What awesome racing!!!! Did anyone else notice the line RC was riding the first 5 laps of the main? No one else was there with him. All the high smooth outside lines, railing the big berms and saving up for a later push. While he looked slower, he was actually going farther. Seemed to pay off!

What I thought was most interesting was the treatment that Bubba Stewart received. After he first fall he made an AMAZING push back from last place. He was riding wild, on or over the edge and everyone gave him plenty of room. Then he crashed out again and started to work his way back through. Only this time I think the rest of the guys were a little fed up. He got pushed around a lot more than I think he is used to. He had several close calls where guys had to either back off or risk a collision. Several instances he would jump from behind into someones line. Most of the time the other rider would back down. There is racing and then there is lack of respect for another racers safety. If it keeps up, he better always hope he gets the holeshot and gets out front. Mid-pack can be a nasty place when you have made enemies. All this said, it is probably more age than anything else. RC and Pastrana both had the same issues when they first came up. Plus these kids have an awful lot of pressure to produce right away!

Does any body knows Erick Vallejo, i just meet him yesterday here in Laredo. He runs 125's.

I'm going to ask him for a few lessons. :D

I hope that he can make some free time for that. :D

Just wanted to share. :)

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