1st and 2 nd piston ring sequence-no info in manuel-help Please.

Preventively, i am changing rings and timing chain on my 450 2015 ( after 30 Hrs)

I noticed the 2 top piston rings are different,one with a square edge and one with a chamfer, there is also a white paint Mark on one and a red paint Mark on the other ,marks are located on the friction face e.g. Contacting cylinder wall

The Manual is silent as to which one goes on top and which one goes at the second groove.

Can some body help? Gray racer?


The two compression rings will only fit one way.  The top ring is slightly thicker, and won't fit the second groove.  As to which side is up, any markings on the ring should be taken as the top side, otherwise, if there is no difference in the shape, it doesn't matter.

The 2014 rings are the same thickness at 1.00mm. The easiest way to differentiate the two is the WIDTH. Top ring is 3.30mm, second ring is 3.10mm.

Wow,many tks drtrcr400, for the precise info, they are indeed the same thickness so i was puzzled as to which one goes where

Can i Kindly ask you where you got this information as this is not in the manual? I would like to learn more about the color code on the ring face

Since the tread was 'dead', i took upon myself to make an éducated guess and put red on top groove ´fire ´ and white in second groove ´sealing' and closed the motor since.It is now réady to be fired up

since you have extra info on hand ,i am looking foward to your comments on color codes before i start the Engine.

tks in advance.

The information is in the specifications section of your service manual. Page 2-5. Unfortunately I've not found anything in regards to the paint marks on the rings. Sounds like you've got a 50/50 chance of them being in the correct location. Maybe someone else out there has a set of rings on hand they can measure?

Edited by drtrcr400

I will mesure from my old' 2014 i Kept the old piston ring assy as is when i changed It last winter

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