Clutch Mods ???

Firstly I would just like to say this forum is one of the most informative I have come accross, I have gained so much from it.

I am just in the process of replacing my clutch basket with a Hinson and was going to perform a mod on the hub which I read about here. The mod advised to drill 5 extra sets of 3 holes in the hub to mirror the existing 5 sets. The mod mentioned that once completed you should have 3 holes on every 3rd recess of the hub. After pulling the clutch apart I noticed I have six sets of 3 holes but they are drilled on the raised edge not the recess. My question is can I drill the new holes in the recess between the existing ones ???? Because of the spacing of the existing six on the raised section of the hub trying to mirror it is not possible, the pattern would not be even. The post I read was for the 250f but guys have done the same to the 426. I am worried that drilling in the recess may weaken the hub due to the extra power of the 426 ???? and that I would be drilling six sets of 3 holes.

If I can get mine sorted I can help some other guys here in Australia who are sick of hearing that you have to put up with a grabby clutch. Any help would be appreciated.

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