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New user, starting with a question.

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Hi to all, first of all I'd like to thank you guys for the awesome source of information this forum is. I just registered but I've been lurking for a while.

I have a KLR600 I bought new in Italy in 1995. The motor is in a good condition (62000km), but the body needs some love.

I used it very little in the last 10 years, my intention is to bring it back to life and use it as a daily driver.

The first step is to identify the exact model, I found online a lot of information regarding the KLR600A and KLR600B but as far as I can remember mine should be a KLR600S (?).

I found next to nothing online regarding the S model, is there any sure way to identify it?

Here is what it looks like:http://imgur.com/oQIWKcR (imagetaken from the Internet, mine doesn't look so good yet).

Hopefully a nice build thread will follow 🙂


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I'll take a look at the VIN. The KLR600 was produced until 1995 in Italy (maybe in Europe? Not sure). This is probably why I'm having so many problems finding info...

I'll take a look and see if any Italian forums exist.

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