Found new 02 wr426 still in crate good deal or not?

I found a dealer with a new still in the crate 426 that he is willing to let go for $4300. Is that a good deal?



That's a great deal. OTD prices in '02 were about $7000.

Sure, the 450's are sweet, especially the button, but for $2700 I can make that 426 rip up a stock... Anything!

Unless you really need the button, snag it on the cheap and enjoy the heck out of it!

Be prepared to take apart the engine and check for corrosion. Temp and humidity cycles can do damage over time. I run my bikes once a month no matter what. Got to get that oil flowing around in there and preventing moisture damage. Tires and rubber need to be fresh so be prepared to see cracks or dry rot. The crate should have helped but you should inspect carefully. Great bike! It may still be a good deal. :)

It sounds like a great deal to me. I love my 426. I started off with a WR but switched it to a YZ.

I found a dealer with a new still in the crate 426 that he is willing to let go for $4300. Is that a good deal?



I would jump at it, I paid 4,200 for mine USED. I have a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it but still.....

Great deal! Bought mine cheap once the 03's were out and don't regret it a bit. :)

Sounds like that is a great deal. You'll love the bike, & will want to change timing to YZ, & all that info will be free to you here on TT. I would recommend buying different tires( well depends on your riding conditions). & but most of all buy After market tank & seat for YZ . The estart would be nice, but after you get the starting drill down on the 426 you won't even think about kinda like walking , just come natural. :)

Well I asked the dealer to give me 20% off anything in the store and he went for it. So I now have a brand new old WR426 sitting in my garage. I am so excited to get out and ride it but up here in Montana we have loads of snow :)

Oh well at least I have something to fiddle with now.

thanks for your help.

Lord Tunderen Jesus !!! He never gave you 20% off the price he quoted you on the bike .....did he ??? :)

Get that garage heater out and get to work... I had to sell my bike late last year (a long story) but I was able to get some cash and some finance to get another bike... I liked the 426, so when an almost pristine one came along, well, it was a done deal...

First thing I did was take it into the shed and do all the mods such as 450 cam, JamesNow!, lowered footpegs, chainslider etc... as well as my own such as brake snakes, polishing a few bits and pieces, some grease fittings and some goodies like ProTapers, steering dampener (salvaged from the bike I sold...) CR brake line and polished bracket, changed fluids...

After a couple of nights in the shed, I rolled her out and have been very happy... I do need to invest some time in jetting and suspension setup, but the core mods were done in a few hours...

You will have a sweet toy when the snow does melt...

Good luck,


They have anymore? :)


He gave me 20% off all items in the store not any more off the bike. I went out the door spending $4300 for the bike and another $800 on gear at 20% off (so I would have spent $1000 on gear)

and no he doesn't have any more. It was kind of weird how it all worked out because the day I called he had just "found" this bike in the dark depths of his store. I just happend to be the first person to call and ask about any bikes that he may have. Lucky me!!! :)

Buy it now before I :) do!!!

That's a great deal. OTD prices in '02 were about $7000.

WOW!!! Whoever paid that amount I feel sorry for :D

I paid 5700 OTD in 7/02 for my 426 :D

$4200 is even better, buy it you won't regret you did :)

My '02 WR has been an awesome bike. By far the best mod I have done was to get an aftermarket tank and YZ seat. Changes the whole feel of the bike. With regular oil changes (Shell Rotella T full syn.)I havent had anything go wrong.

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