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kx100 please help me

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OK so my names Steve and I have a 2004 kx100 D2 series motor,I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to building dirtbikes but this one has me stumped. I personally have put three transmissions in this bike myself and it still doesn't operate properly. I have done everything by book and double checked all tolrances with gauges and calipers. The problem I'm having is that the transmission is locking up and blowing gears when riden. At startup the bike feels fine and before i start the bike up it rolls fine in neutral as it should, this is after the first tranny build I performed. I start the bike up and let it warm up. As soon as I pull the clutch in the engine wants to die as if it's hanging up when the clutch lever is engaged, and on top of that no matter how much gas you give it it will almost always stall in first. So after that I thought to my self &%$#@! the clutch I'll pop it into gear. With the bike running in neutral I gave it a good rolling start and popped it right into first and it took off. Things fast as all he'll can shift all the way to sixth and back and seems fine. The clutch feels fine as I'm shifting until I take it Back into first where with the clutch in it will stall back out.thinking maybe the bike just needs to be riden a little bit I took it back out and take the bike threw all gears to where it proceeded to grind and then finally lock up coming from sixth down to fifth. Not only that but after turning the bike off and in neutral the bike is almost impossible to roll freely as if something is really holding it up in the trans or clutches, this is before the transmission siezed a second time . I proceeded inspecting everything in the clutches down to the thickness of the plates and everything is fine. The only thing I can think of is the spaces in the transmission aren't allowing it to shift properly. This is the third transmission the bike is getting and I'd like to keep this from happening again. This problem only started occuring after the bike was taken to a shop to have the transmission rebuilt the very first time and apon pickup the bike did everything as stated in the above description, and it did it after I rebuilt it a second time by manual specifiction from the factory. Any insight will help

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