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New clutch kit, now clutch won't work

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Hey everyone, looking for some help with a 2007 Suzuki RM85.

I've just changed the clutch plates and springs in my bike but I'm having difficulty putting the clutch cover back on, the only way I can get it to sit flush is with the clutch actuator arm facing 1 o'clock as apposed to 12 o'clock like it's always been.

When it's sat in this position and its bolted back down the actuator arm doesn't seem to move right, there's a bit of free movement left and right (between 12 and 1 o'clock) but theres no spring type feel like it's not moving right.

I tried pulling the clutch lever last night and it ended up breaking the actuator arm so this needs replacing now.

Does anyone know if I'm missing anything obvious? The teeth on the clutch plate bit that sticks out is facing to the left so it grips hold of the teeth on the inside of the clutch cover...



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