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GasGas EC 250F weight comparison

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I'm interested in buying in future a (next) used enduro bike

and want to know what makes the difference (if there really is) in weight betwen GasGas ec 250F and Rieju marathon 250 from 2010 year

Rieju weighs: 98 kg /216,053 lbs (no oil and fuel)

GasGas weighs: 118 kg /260,145 lbs


they both have Yamaha WR engine and GasGas frame (that i know)

even if GasGas is full (ready to ride)it weight too much IMO

GasGas take 7L of gas and about 1,5L of engine oil (??) + less than 3 L of fork and shock oil (let say about 5l of oil together)

 1LITRE of gas weight~ 0,77kg /1,697 lbs

 1L of oil~0,91kg /2 lbs

so it is (7x0,77)+(5x0,91)=5,39+4.55=9.94kg /21,91lbs

so then  118-9.94=108.06 /238,231lbs and still far from 98kg of Rieju

so question is how they make Rieju so light ??





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