2005 YZ450F hard starting except when warm

HI there,


I have recently had my engine rebuilt with new valves etc.

Unless the bike is warm it can be quite hard to start as in more

than 5 kicks.

I have googled and search TT and have found a few things to check

such as :


·         Try iridium plug It is just CR8IX

·         Check boot is sealing ok

·         Check pilot jet??


Also found one suggestion about changing starter jet (mine is 72) and

also another about removing neutral switch. Has anyone tried these






:aussy:  :goofy:

Thanks Gray, you're scholar and a gentlemen :) .

i guess its never been an easy starter, i think partly could be i have non-OEM boot clamp between boot and carb and

may also be i got bit of water up one of overflow pipes when washing it.

What should i do with starter jet? i guess check its clean etc.

Also being a big bore requires extra bit of oomph to kick it over it think.

The only other thing i can think is my process/method for strating it

is slightly flawed as in i don't blip the throttle to prime it, so i will add that in.



Robert  :ride:

Years ago I quit trying to clean jets and instead simply replace them.


On my '08 when cold I would find the compression stroke with the kickstarter, give it two full twists of the throttle, then kick it over and it usually started right up.

I would have thought cleaning with carb cleaner and using compressed would do the same trick.

But yeh i do need to alter my starting technique i agree. cheers

Ok wow that is small. You have a point. Cheers

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