Hi,I'm new I have a 2000 yamaha yz 426 it hasn't ran for two years I cleaned the carb checked the valves ad new gas clean filter and cleaned the carb the low jet was plugged and I cleaned it the bike started with the hot start it was cold it idle good but couldn't rev i have the jet set at two turns played with it up and down nothing change as far as turning on normal it only starts on hot start ,why, please help thanks

Something in the carb still.  Be sure you haven't inverted the vacuum release plate on the slide.  The "square" end with the hole near the edge belongs on the bottom, even though it sort of looks wrong that way. 

Thanks for the reply I never took the slider of I looked in it and it looked good if I use the hot start to start doesn't it means it's starving for air

It could mean that or not.  My '03 450 never liked to start cold unless I cracked the throttle just a smidge; same thing as the cold start, really.

I started the bike and hot start and I pulled the choke after so it might be asking for fuel ,the pilot jet I think it's not cleaned all open could that be ,none of my bikes have problems except this 426 I like it I don't want to give up on her she is fast

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