Question for jim-in-so-ore

Hi Jim

My I ask what brand of muffler you bought for $50?

Thanks, Ward


Alaskan rider, '00 WR400FM, WR timing, air box lid removed,Throttle stop trimmed,Baffle removed, MSR skid plate, Works frame guards.


'00 Grizzly YFM600

I bought a used KTM exc muffler with about 2 hours riding time on it. I had to cut the WR muffler off right where the pipe goes into it and welded on the KTM unit. I also had to creat a new rear muffler mount as the KTM has 2 but neither one lines up.


Thank you Sir,

I remember that one, I helped find a link with pics for you.

I was asking about your muffle because I had passed up a $50 muffler on Ebay. I thought maybe you had bought it and I wanted to know if I should kick myself for passing it up. I feel better now. Thank you.

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