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Breaking in top end

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Following a rebuild don't even start it until you are ready to ride it for a least 15 minutes,

after a proper warm-up and checking for coolant leaks, drive out and

load the engine for 15 minute, not necessarely WOT but some short shifting up thru the gears.

Let it cool down to almost full cold before riding out a second time.

Stick with the same premix ratio you normaly run, don't add any extra oil for the first tank.


Also when re-assembling your top end, don't lube everything like crazy. Install the piston and ring dry, at most barely a drop of oil on the piston skirt area.

Too much oil in the cylinder / ring groove will glaze up the piston ring and make for a longer or even improper break-in.

You only have one chance of breaking it in properly, if not done right chances are you'll have a glazed ring and some blow-by despite your new top-end job.

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