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2007 exhaust header shape

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Each of the '06, '07, and '08-'09 headers are different.  They are all pretty much the same "shape", the bends being in the same place and all, but each is different.  All of the OEM headers have heat shield mounts, BTW.


The '06 is a basically straight 1 5/8" titanium tube from one end to the other.  The '07 is a stepped, anti-reversion design that starts out a little smaller than that, but ends up a little bigger.  The '08 is as big as the '07 outlet all the way out, being made oversized to compensate for the stuffy muffler it came with.


The distorted cross section in the picture might be the result of the header being bent to fit the bike from an earlier steel framed model, too.

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