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Advice on purchasing new street bike

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First off i would just like to say hello to everyone here on this forum, yes i am new to this site as of today. so hello all ūüôā


Well as the title states i would like some advice. preferably from a experienced rider that has owned and ridden many different brands and styles.


No i am not a beginner trying to look cool and be everyone else. i am not a pro either.


I have ridden many dirt bikes since i was 12, now i am 30. started on a yz 80 which was really cool at that time. upgraded to a KX250. after that i went to a KX500 and im sure most know that thing was a rocket (Hold on son). then went for a yz450 but that thing was just too damn heavy and beat my butt after hours of ridding. that was about 8 years ago.

Still have the KX500 that i will ride here and there


But at this point i would like to hit the streets. yes i have ridden street bikes as well. first one was a 1989 honda cx500 custom, that one that looks like it has the goldwing engine. since then i hardly ridden at all. rode a honda cbr900 but that was just up and down a residential street so i guess it does not count. but it was a nice smooth ride. hit about 30 mph. (yay good for me right)


sorry for the rambling just some info on me. i guess you could call me a intermediate rider.


I now i want something 600cc and up. brands i am willing to get are Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda. got about 10 grand i have saved up.


What would you guys suggest. i weigh about 200 pounds and im 6-1"


yes i want power but not a power band i guess i could say. i want the power to be there when ever i want. somewhat lightweight and handles well. and the number one thing i am looking for is durability. maybe that is when the Honda will come into play? i do not want to be repairing it from simple wear and tear all the time.


please and thank you in advance.

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If you mean brand new, that probably limits you to a 900 and under standard or naked. Nothing wrong with that, plenty of good and reliable choices. I think I'd take a look at the Yamaha triple, FZ-9 I think.


My choice is liter bikes, standards. I'm not brand loyal, my current bike is a '03 Z1000 bought new in '06 with 68k. Before that was a '82 GS 1100 E bought used and sold with 45k, and before that a '83 (I think) 900 Seca don't remember mileage. None required anything more that standard maintenance, and I cheated on that as I learned the bike.



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FZ-9 is a great suggestion. There might be better bikes for riding at freeway speed because of the lack of fairing.

You're a tall guys, so I'd consider:



Both of these bikes are well-suited to large-frame riders, particularly the Versys.


Alternatively, Suzuki Vstrom will also meld your offroad and your road riding fun all in one.


Please come back and post a picture or video of you riding :ride:

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