'14 chain slack issue

The manual says 50-60 mm of slack measured from the upper slider bolt to the the bottom of the chain with the rear wheel off the ground. This is the procedure I have been following and I have been running exactly 50mm of slack which measures to 3 fingers worth. The issue is that my chain looks excessively loose when under weight and I'm getting tons of chain slap. Even a couple riding buddies "KTM guys" have commented how loose my chain looked. What are you all running for slack?

Like they have room to talk.   The thing is that the chain is tightest as the swing arm passes through the point where the centers of the rear wheel, swing arm pivot, and axle are aligned.  It has to have 1/4" of true slack per foot of span between the sprockets (about 1/2" in most cases)at that point or all kinds of crazy crap can happen, from just breaking the chain, to collapsing the rear hub by pulling the sprocket off of it, to pulling the output shaft out the back of the gearbox (a KTM trick, coincidentally).  You don't want to go there. 


Do it by the book.  Bike on the stand, all that. I know it looks loose.  Check this out:



Got it. I just figured the chain slap was a sign that they were right. Wouldn't be the first time a manual had a typo

A guy we rode with snapped two chains on his 15 450 this past weekend . The second time didnt end well luckily he walked away bike not so much .

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