52 tooth sprocket

So I'm riding a 12WR450, when the moutain single track opens up I run a Pirelli trials tire with a 50 tooth sprocket. This works well, but my delema is I ordered two 50 tooth sprokets and one was a 52. So before I make the drive down to exchange it, should I just try it out first and see if it makes a difference? Sprockets are cheap I know, it's the wrenching for nothing is what I want to avoid. So anyone use this sprocket and a trails tire combo? And what do you think? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks

You will notice quite a difference in the acceleration in the first three gears, as well as slightly quicker handling for having to push your rear wheel forward, so the chain will still be in proper tension.

Unless you find yourself using first gear regularly, right now, there is no reason to gear down even more.

Thanks Krannie, I am first quite a bit, but I'm not wanting to increase acceleration either, got plenty of that. I think I'll just stick with a 50 tooth sprocket.

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