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KTM flex clutch lever

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Yeah, I really don't care about the flex part, only the ability to extend out the acuation point of the lever beyond the stock levers?

Its the only lever Ive seen with that possibility

That's a definite yes, before lightening my wallet?

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When I started this thread, what I didn't know?

I didn't know the 2014/15 has a completely different lever than the 2012/2013 exc. The early model has a different design including different adjusting mechanism.

I guess my question is will the 2013 lever and separately purchased adjustment mechanism even work on the 2014/15 front master cylinder?

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Okay I pulled off a Great move and saved myself $70

I was at ktm the other day, looking at the flex lever for the 15 exc to see how that lever worked, I noticed there was nothing there that actually pushed the plunger into the hydraulics , I didn't know at the time, the ktm had a unique plunger dong attached to the master cylinder plunger. This dong just fits in a hole on the lever.

So I got this idea how to modify the stock lever, the hole is deep enough for a steel BB and the plunger Dong , NOW I have an excellent front brake, and had to go full negative (lowest setting on the adjustment). I have about 2 or 3mm play before master cylinder plunger engages, I think that is okay for heat expansion.

But the brake is nice now, it was never spongy, it just activated to far in for my liking.

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