I let a friend ride 650R

Actually its a very common thing. Lots of guys have airfilters that are fringed on the inside from the backfire.

Some guys will 'clear' the flooded big thumper with the kill switch on-just to prevent that from happening. There was a post or two on the Yahoo site of guys whoose BRP caught on fire that way--but thats very rare.

I run an edelbrock carb. Bike never floods. Never backfires. Always starts in 1-2 kicks.

But it used to happen to me back in my Keihin days---back when the rims where straight, the plastic shinny, and gasoline would dump all over my garage when i leaned it over to lube the chain....

yeah it only backfires when it wont start for a bit and is flooded or..just running out of gas

no biggy :)

Wow thats interesting Irondude, I never didn't know about that. Thanks for the info. :)

Years ago I gained power+smoothness by matching the inlet manifold to the head.ie bolt a piece of Kelloggs breakfast box instead of gasket in there,remove+inspect crush.Adapt as nessesary,its worth the effort.Also if you wish to use the standard muffler the internal overlapping of adjacent pipes can be reduced or elliminated by some smart cutting+welding.When I first did this I nearly flipped it in top gear! Hope it helps,bye

I agree smashinz, the awesome power of the xr650R is fun. I Just installed a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket for the first time last night...OMG! That bike now F*#$!%& RIPS! It feels like my big bore two stroke! I can not believe how much difference a friggin sprocket can make. My BRP was always powerful, and really impressive from 3rd gear up. But now, it's not only fast, but its quick! It has that "tryin to dislocate my shoulders" feeling that it never had before. So yeah, them xr650rs freakin rip! Reminds me of my 600 ninja back in the 80's.....

I put a 13t on mine two weeks ago and its great. I was starting to look for another bike becuase the gears on mine were too high fior trail riding, but thanks to qadsan and a couple others on this site I am a born again BRP believer.

By the way, I let my cousin ride my bike, he was talking trash becuase he rides a cr250 and was saying my bike was 4-stroke and didn't have power etc. I told him to be careful. :)

after the front end came up in second and almost looped over on him he returned, dismounted and began shaking his head. He kept saying holy S!#$, I thought my bike had power. :D

he returned, dismounted and began shaking his head. He kept saying holy S!#$, I thought my bike had power

:D :D :D


Of the 15 or so people that have ridden my bike, only one wasnt scared of it when they got off. And he is a semi pro freestyler with a CR250 thats motor cost as much as my bike. He thought it didnt pick up good in 3rd gear on the road, missed the 150 feet of black that followed the upshift. Gotta love the sheer torque, i plan on owning mine forever. However mine is about to get a friend, found a '03 CRF 450 for about $2500US, plastic is done but runs good. Never have too many bikes, but i dont think i will ever get bored of the 650R.

Hahahaha!!!!! Hell yeah man! Thats pretty much the same response I get every time I let someone ride mine! And after they ride it, they ALWAYS ask me how in the heck did they get a 4-stroke single to run like that!?!? And they can ALWAYS be seen lifting their pants back up into position after the bike tried to get out from under

their butt.

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