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1996 RT 100 Suspension

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Hey all,


I'm in need of new front forks for my little rt100 because my friend decided it was time the bike made friends with a 6in curb in 5th gear, pinned. That would be simple enough . . . . except that the full assembly's been discontinued (and is $300 per fork!) So my question is whether or not anyone's rebuilt their suspension using parts from another bike. For example, would the forks from a newer yz or something fit the rt? Any advice would be appreciated because it runs great, it's just a little . . . off-kilter lol and I don't want to have to junk it just because I can't find the right parts. Also, I have another bike so this'll be my little project and if anyone's messed around with these, I'd love to hear what you did to them! 

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