YZF400 Right Radiator - Information Please

www.partsfish.com was the right hand radiator listed for $156.69 5BE-12461-00-00. One of the MX Mags had this shop listed as doing radiator repairs- Myler's 800-367-7699, I've never done business with them though.

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I have done business with Myler's to repair my right radiator on my yz400f, They did a great job at a good price. They have a fast turn around and are more then happy to help, I shiped my radiator on a tuesday and had it back for the races by friday.

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Hey Bodyglitterguy ? Look in the back of this weeks TMX news under spares, a few of the bigger breakers may have one. Any way one of them is breaking a 400 f this week I can't remember the name.

Ps Are the Maccleds still going ?

I need a right hand radiater for a 99' yzf 400, does anyone know prices for this part, be it yamaha stock, copy or repair costs?

I await any info,

An upset yzf rider.

I suggest if you decide to replace the radiator go with a 426 radiator, its slightly larger but you get much better cooling.

Glit, I have one in excellent shape I can sell you. The newer rads will not fit the older shrouds.

Oops, I just noticed you are in England.

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