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DR650 - 07 Idle is way too high...........

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First post with this forum etc....................

2007 DR650 and cant get the bike to idle slow enough at reasonable tickover etc...........

Standard BST carb

Have done the shortened stock spring thingy ( 100.6mm AOL )

Placed e.clip on 4th recess from top of needle - was on 3rd

Mainjet up from 140 to 145 Mikuni

Not touched needle jet

Reset and adjusted the fuel mix screw  -  in then out 2 turns then in again until sweet spot then backed out slightly 

Have slackened all cables - pull and return ( working fine )

Cleaned choke - was part rusted - reattached

Bike starts and runs OK - though was a bit lean and not that inspiring before I tinkered..................

Has a CRF450 Muffler and partially opened airbox ( no snorkel and a 40mm hole next to standard opening )


Any help much appreciated




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