Riding in sand?

I'm still a newbie and was wondering how i should set up my suspension for sand. Also air pressure, i usually just leave it at about 15 psi. I know it is a good idea to lower psi on the tires of vehicles when 4 wheeling in sand. But the other day it seemed that riding with low pressure on soft terrain is not the way to go. Also sometimes my front wheel will wobble in sand, front suspension too soft or better tires? To tell you the truth, the previous owner bought tires for riding on a MX track. So I think that also adds to my bike's unstableness. It's a beast and i can handle it for the most part. But these bikes are damn good so im not giving up. :D:)

What I've learned about riding Michigan sand, which varies between sugar sand and talcum powder,

is to run the correct tires,

(for me S12's), 8-12 psi in the front and 10 psi rear.

A little more compression damping up

front helps also.

The most difficult part about learning to ride in sand

is that you need to remove your balls from your purse

and screw on the throttle.

1) Find good sand tires if you'll be riding in the sand a lot

2) Play with air pressures (lower than normal)

3) Increase compression dampening

4) Put your weight back while riding to keep the front end light

5) Don't make sudden changes in the throttle or the engine braking will cause the front to dig in and plow

6) Try staying consistant in your throttle while riding in a higher gear than usual and or no more than 1/2 throttle if there's lots of slower sandy sections to ride through

7) If you've got a fairly straight section of sand to ride through, then put your weight back, pin it WOT and hold on :D

In the faster sections I don't mind this bike in the sand, but if there's any slow technical sections with deep soft sand, then good luck :)

in deep sand when your going slow it helps a bit if you move handlebars back and forth this helps to keep the wheel from digging down because of the increased surface area of your sidewlls, this will help steering and float bike to the top, also a steering dampener helps a lot. Lots of carefull gas, if in trouble gas it. Relax dont fight the bike.

If I am riding in strickly sanddunes w/ no rocks I run the front tire very low. This helps alot. If there are rocks mixed w/ sand then I run a normal pressures, 12psi and just keep the gas on.

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