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1977 can am MX3

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Any one out there an expert on the BING type 84 carb for these bikes. I cannot for the life of me get mine dialed in. Runs like crap. the engine has been completley rebuilt. And the carb has new jets and needles and gaskets. I think it may be float height. Anyone know how to set the height?


I dont have a manual for it, cause I havent been able to find one. its a fairly rare bike. Heres a pic and video you can kind of see and hear what it is doing.




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Where would I look for an air leak? Do you mean around the head gaskets and such?

Also How do I look for an air leak?


The guy that rebuilt the engine was supposedly a pretty good bike builder, and recommended by a lot of people, but the thing leaks fluid like crazy. Which makes me want to punch him in the face. Never again paying someone to rebuild a dirt bike engine for me(now that I know I can do It)

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Bing makes a great book on how carbs work.  I bought a new Bing for my 1980 Can-Am 250 Qualifier.  I was told I needed a new one. Wrong.  I just need to get my old one jetted correctly.  I melted a hole in the old piston.  Anyway the Bing book tells you how to correctly jet a carb.


Checking for an air leak is done by spraying starting fluid around the edge of the carb with out getting into the intake of the carb.  If it is sucking air past a gasket it will increase the rpm until the staring fluid is used up and then return to the original engine speed.   


My Bing cost me right at $400.  Now a Mikuni would only cost about $250 or so and do the same job, that is if you are thinking replacing the carb. 


Do you know of www.classsicanam.com ?  Much great info there. 


I also just picked up a garage find 1980 Can-Am 400 Qualifier this August.  Man is the engine nice and tight.  I can hardly get it to kick over, compared to my 250, and I just put a new piston and ring in the 250.




Galen from Nebraska





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I found my Bing address.


It is


Bing Agency International

1704 South 525 Road

Council Grove, Kansas  66846




I am sure they would send you an information book on how a carb. works and how to set a Bing.  If I remember correctly it had diagrams, specifications, ect.


Tell me the city you live in and I can compare it to my town and we can then know the altitude difference and get you an idea on the proper jets for your altitude.


Also we need to know how many oz. of oil you are running per gallon. 






P.S.  You may also just have a very small piece of dirt by the float needle valve that is not allowing for a proper control of fuel.  I bet a new needle and seat at this time would be money well spent. 



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