Wiring gremlin (with pictures)

OK recovering from a horrible previous owner. Would this cut wire given it goes to the on/off switch stop me from getting spark?

And if so, do I just jumper the 2 red wires together to make it permantly "on"?


You need to splice that red wire together.  That connects to the brown when the switch is turned on.  With that red wire broken, the bike won't get a spark.  

The red/black and black go to the LED indicator in the switch.  

I see somebody has put in a grease fitting in the steering head.  Good idea.  One of the previous owners wasn't so bad.  

Yeah that was the one good thing I've found on the bike so far.

Soldered that wire back together. Have spark still no start....back to the drawing board

I'm lost. Tore down and cleaned carb. Verified I have spark. Checked and adjusted valves.

Still no start.

Sounds like it's time to do a leak down test.  Have you cleaned the tank and carb and replaced fuel line?  Fresh gas?  Have you ever seen the bike run?  

If you don't have a leak down tester, wire or wedge the weight on the exhaust cam so that the auto decomp doesn't work.  If you can kick over the engine then something's wrong.  Top end work needed.   

Never seen it run. Did clean the carb but it was really gummed up so just gonna get a new plug and all new jets today and make sure to rule those out. Plug ohmed good but can't hurt to try those.

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