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Cr500 af need some quick advice got a ride in two days !

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Ok 98cr500 motor just bought bike a a few months ago and am slowley going threw it peace by peace and let me say every time I tear into something it needs to be replaced :(

Here's my question for what ever reason my new intake boot oem Honda don't fit the reed cage it's got rubber skirts that should sit in but instead don't fit makeing it impossible to install intake on motor, old intake you ask well they decided to dremel the skirts off the intake boot alowing for easy fitment although I'm not against this I'm a fan of understanding things such as why is this even and issue other than the reed cage being in correct in which case I will end up buying v force reeds any ways, ps my reeds aren't very good any way barley make a decent seal.

So is this a normal issue ? If I splurge on some new v force reeds will in have to alter my intake boot anyways ?? Please help thanks !!

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