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Wheel Bearings

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Can anyone suggest a good brand of wheel bearings? My OEM lasted about a year on both front and back. Since then I have tried All Balls and Pivot Works but can get anything to last more than 3 months. 2012 200XC-W.

are you constantly riding in swamp water, there has to be more a reason, cause well lubed bearings will last near life time. Normally I can force lube by a sealed bearing every time the wheel is off, and I never had to replace wheel bearings. 3months or even 6 months or a year, seems really early failure.

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The grease that comes in the bearing is miniscule. I usually pop out the dust seals carefully with a very small screwdriver. Then I wash out the original grease and thoroughly repack liberally with waterproof grease and pop the dust seals back on. I generally get several years out of a set of bearing using this method.



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