Aftermarket Bars for my XR650L


I'm toying with the idea of some new bars maby withe the CR-HIGH bend or some other bend. Maybe even the "Fat" bars without the suport across the top. I have a couple of questions for you.

1.) What bend do your recommend for the xr650L?

2.) What type of bar the 7/8's or the Fat Bar?

3.) Will both solutions fit all of the current crap that's on the factory bars, mirrors, speedo etc?

If you got a pic post it.



Have you gone into the shops and checked the bars out? That's what I did. I didn't want to change/adapt the bar clamps so I went with the 7/8" Renthals in silver.

I suggest you take your time. There are so many brands & styles it's almost impossible to decide when you're standing there holding the bars loose in your hands. And don't listen to any numb nut sales guy, unless he's ridin' the same bike as you. It took me forever, and I just guessed at what I wanted. :D I did do a little research at before my purchase, though. I compared the stock XR600R bars on their site (I couldn't find any for the XRL) with their bar specs and I was pretty sure the CR-Hi bars were a good choice for the XRL.

I guess I got lucky because I really like 'em. They are very close in overall dimension to the stock XRL ones, but have just a bit more rise and a little less sweep which makes them better for DIRT! :)

Everything fits well, but you have to grind/cut the nubs off the factory collars for the turn signal cluster, and the start/kill switch for any aftermarket bars. No big deal. Also, put a VERY thin film of grease on the right side before installing the throttle tube on the new bars. You'll see what I mean when you remove your old bars.

This is awesome I was going to do the same thing. Now how tall are you and can/do you stand up straight now?



Hey Travis, I'm 5'10" and 195 lbs soaking wet. :)

Yep. I also rotated the bars up more towards the front so I can stand up even more easily, as well as, sit even further forward. For me, I find I have more control in the corners by sitting on top of the tank since this beast is so freakin' heavy.

"Everything fits well, but you have to grind/cut the nubs off the factory collars for the turn signal cluster, and the start/kill switch for any aftermarket bars"


Thanks for the info, as far as the grinding the nubs on the cluster, and Kill switch, it's that easy to do? Also per your descriptions It seems like it would be impossible to get the clusters on to a set of 1-1/8 fat bars huh? I guess that's for the MXer's that don't have to worry about the street legal stuff huh? Back to the 7/8 inch bars, is the grinding / cutting stuff pretty much straight forward?

Thanks! :)

jstevens & Travis

They're just plastic nubs that can be cut carefully with a razor knife, or ground down with a dremmel tool or file. No metal cutting is involved. :D

The nubs are really only there for locating the controls on each bike in the exact same place during the factory assembly process. :D

The aftermarket bars don't have holes drilled in them and I wouldn't even think of drilling any holes in those. :) The only thing that I've done in the past is cut about 1/2" of length off of each end if I felt that they were too long.

Keep us posted with your progress. :D

I'm 6'5 and I can stand straight up with this setup. I love it. Azonic fat bars with Tag adapter clamps. :)

pic link pic link

i have the acerbis fat type bars

there tough as hell

story time!!!

me and a buddy were doing osme night riding

wheelies everywhere...long ones too..on the highway and such

so anyway we were coming out of the woods on a dirt hill

i wheelied it hooked pavement

bike stood strait up scraped the back bender i jumped off and it then turned off the road jumped over the ditch into trees

busted the headlight but the bars were alright

they took alot of hits and are about 3 years old now

Dang Dualndan, you did not waste any time moding your new L! :D It looks good. :) What kind of tank is that? It looks to have a nice shine for a plastic tank.


Dude that is one sweet ride, you've done everything that I wish I could do to my bike. Some of this stuff I didn't think could be done. Were did you find a sticker kit for the 650L? And the Bars What bend of Fat Bars are those? Could you have used your original bar clamp? And that gas tank how big is it and were do you get those from?


The one thing that turns people away from these bikes is the high stand over height. Personally, I like the extra clearance. I just use the engine to power through the technical stuff because momentum is what will carry you through. Just point, steer & keep the power on!

Being that you're 6'5", the 650L must fit you pretty well. By the way, nice mods! :) You've definitely got a good looking & dirt ready ride.

Is that a D-606 on the back? I just threw one of those on two weeks ago. Can't wait for this Sat to really try it out.

By the way where did you get your Acerbis frame guards? Haven't seen those yet. :D

WoW Nice bike bike dualndan :) wish mine looked that good. Where did you get those graffix at?? I looked everywhere for some graffix for my bike and couldnt find any. :D

Thanks guys, It's my baby. The tank is a Clarke 4.3 gallon. The graphics are N-style for an Xr600 I got on E-Bay for $39.95 with seat cover! The bars are Azonic fatty with CR hi-bend and I used TAG clamps that bolt to the stock upper clamp, the rear tire is a D606 and hooks up great in evrything but sand or mud. The frame guards are for an XR600 I got on E-bay for $12.00 modified to fit. I have more pics and info if you like on where to get good parts. Most everything available for the 600 will fit the 650L

Magura Fatbars (no brace)

Touratech raiser blocks (40mm I think)

Much better when I stand.

Picture here!

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