clutch actuator rod

I have a 01 426 and a 99 400, I noticed that the 01 has a small ball after the rod and before the pressure plate that contacts the clutch basket to disengage. Would this help to smooth out the clutch of the 99.

I don’t think so. If you lengthen the rod thusly (by the diam. of the ball) your clutch may not engage completely and could slip and roast your plates.

I’ve heard of guys putting the different parts from an ’01 clutch into their ‘00s, to make this work I think the actuator rod and that ball must be part of the swap (in addition to the first few clutch plates).

In your case however I think you may also need to replace the basket, but I would say it is worth looking into. I have an ’00 and an ’01 and the latter’s clutch is worlds better.

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