Still won't

OK valves times, clearance was good.

New plug, verified had good spark.

New fuel.

Carb cleaned and all new jets.

What would you check next?

Went through the link, you posted...tore it back down and cleaned it again.

Seals are all looking good, diaphragm still good and passages clean.


Next idea?

I had trouble with my valves not sealing properly so reseated them then had trouble with my timing i checked it 10 times and thought it was ok but had someone take a look at it and he said the timing was out i had followed the manual to the letter. He took the timing chain off set the cams so the lobes were opposite each other and it fired second kick i tried for about three weeks to start it

Check the flywheel key to make sure it's not sheared.  In that case it'll get a spark but at the wrong time.  Also, these engines won't start if loosing compression somewhere.  You need to do a leak down test.   Or the poor mans way.  I've wedged the auto decomp weight to the outside, in the running position.  If you can kick the bike over with the decomp disabled then the bike is loosing compression and won't run.  

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