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cr150f mods with xr200 parts

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Friends son has a stock 150f,around 09 vintage. I have boxes of xr185/200 engine,cams,big bore pistons,carbs,hop up parts just sitting around. Not catalogged,but sure I can figure out what I have. Thought we might give it a little boost! Would a 200 cylinder,head,and cam bolt on,or some combination,and would it be an upgrade? I realize bigger bore is good,but do 200 heads flow better than the 150 heads? I don't expect it to be a fire breather,but its fun to experiment with them,and wouldn't cost me much out of pocket. Thought Rude and Chuck might have some input,dont want to go up a dead end street,rather ask the experts! Thanks

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Some baseline data:

Model             Model Code  Bore    Stroke  Displ     CR

CRF150F                               57.3      57.8     149        9.5

CRF230F              ME09        65.5      66.2    223.1      9:1

XR185                  ME02        63         57.8     180.2     10.0

XR200/200R        ME02/4/5   65.5      57.8     194.8     10.0


A XR200R engine has peak power close to a CRF230F, but not as much bottom end.

The XR cams are the most aggressive of the two valve cams.


Simple solution: Buy a XR200R and put the engine and electrical system into the 150F. 

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