fork bleeder screws...

Where can you buy these quick air bleeders for the top of your forks? My friend has them on his 520 and bleeding the air out of your forks takes 10 secs. My stock brass screws are almost stripped out, and it is annoying bleeding the air in your forks 3-4 times a ride! Can you buy these quick bleeders at a local hardware store? I assume you just drill and tap the new much are they? Thanks,


Just saw them today in Feb's Dirt Bike. I'm thinking of ordering them. They are Motion Pro, Inc. They go right into the stock bleed screw holes. And all you do is push down on them to bleed the air. Price is $22.90.


There are actually 2 types out there. One is the White Bros, which requires you to tap out your fork cap but sit alot lower than the 2nd option, the ones from Motion Pro. For me, I like the lower fitting White Bros bleeders. The Motion Pros sit up about 1-2", but you can just screw them in without tapping out the fork caps. The White Bros cost $15 and then $3 for the tap. The bleeders sure make it easy to bleed the forks down, only takes a second.


99 YZ400

Last time I tried to order something directly from MotionPro, they told me I had to use a dealer. The closest dealer to me is...

Houston Yamaha

9550 FM1960 West

Houston, TX 77070

Phone: 281-890-2020

These guys are pretty far North of you, don't know if there's a dealer closer to Friendswood???? Houston Yamaha will ship but it takes awhile for them to get the parts from MotionPro then ship'em back out to you.

Originally posted by HoustonYZF:

Last time I tried to order something directly from MotionPro, they told me I had to use a dealer.

That's weird. They let me get something direct from them.

Has anyone retrofitted some sort of schraeder valve instead of the fancy $30 motion pro ones? I guess Im weird but I like to make my own stuff and I am going to the hardware store this weekend to try and "jimmy rig" some fork bleeders. If I am succesful I will post some pics and info. Later,


you da man Garret!

Garret, why screw around with Schraeder valves??

Go with Presta.

Go to any good bike shop, buy two presta tubes. (5.99 or so each).

Cut the valve out, at the tube. if you have spare fork caps (uh hu, right) practice with them first!!! Drill the caps out, tap them as the threads on the presta valve is (i do not know the thread pitch). Lock-tite them in, and use presta locking rings on each side, lock-tited in as sandwich the valve in place. Presta valves will not stick, and are not vulnerable to dirt as schraeder valves are. They will probably sit higher, but presta is the way I would go. You could even try JB welding the top ring in place, and getting a small o-ring to seal it!


This is a presta valve, with the single rim locking ring, for those who have never seen one before. A bike shop should have a supply of old tubes and spare rings, if you don't want to buy the valve is the only thing you are looking for anyway!!

I know the picture is crappy, but the valve is threaded the whole way down.

I uh, will, well, uh, try it with someones caps if they want. :D:)

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Try the new shop in Humble called "Durt." Nice guy and will gladly order any parts/accessories you want from Parts Unlimited.

I don't have the phone number in front of me but will post it when I get home.

Also, good prices on tires (67.50 for Dunlops) when I was there last.

Not only that but on the way to Splendora from Friendswood!

Steve T

Newbie often should you bleed your forks?


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I normally have to bleed my forks 3-4 times every ride! You can tell they need bleeding whenever your forks start to feel more harsh than normal.

I generally bleed my forks (un-thread brass screw) before I start riding.

3-4 times a ride? How long do you ride...3 days straight? :) Wow, that just seems like wayyyy too much. I could see twice, MABEY, as the fluid and air in the legs will heat up and expand when you start riding. Once before you start, then mabey once after 30 minutes or so. I've never had to bleed more than the initial time though.

LOL I generally ride about 8hrs a ride! Every time I bleed the forks I hear air coming out (and yes I do it 3-4 times a day), so I know they needed it. You seriously can feel the forks get harsh whenever they build up with air (especially in the afternoon when the temperature rises) You have to remember when the forks are moving up and down the seal takes in air on the up stroke (it is not much air, but it builds up) After 2-3hrs of riding hard on an MX track it builds up and the forks begin to feel harsh (once I let the air out they feel normal)

Anyways I just bought a valve which will work for this application...I will go take some pics right now and post them in a few minutes! Later,


Here are the pics...let me know what you think! They are schraeder valves, but since they have a dust cover over them it wont matter!




The valves arent screwed in yet in this pic I just put them on top so you could see the size of it (it will stick up about 1/2" when the valve is screwed in) Both the valves cost $4.29 Later,


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Looks like it should work just peachy :D

You going to lock-tite them in? You gonna use an O-ring to be sure to get a good seal? I'd bet with either lock-tite, OR the O-ring, you wouldn't need the other.

Is the assembly going to stick through the cap at all into the innards of the fork? If so, it may be into the retaining "cup" of the spring. I'm not sure how thick the caps are on my 520, but I know if it was sticking through at all on the WP forks, it would be into the pre-load spacers, of course, such a thing could always be trimmed to fit.

You know what..How much you wanna bet Motion Pro only bought a million of those SAME THING you bought, slapped an o-ring on it, and sold them for $30 a pair! :D

Well, my stupid self wants to edit my post. About them sticking through. It doesn't take a genius to see the threaded part of the valve you bought is SHORTER than the brass screw...LOL, how can it stick through? :D Whoops, don't I feel dumb now! :)

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LOL That is why I bought them! For only $4.29 it will be worth it. And the threads are about 1-2mm shorter than the brass screws. It wont leak with teflon tape or loctite on the threads. I will be drilling the holes with a drill press later this week. I will put these pics and writeup on my website when I finish. Later,


Well done. I spent $15 for the White Bros ones. I wish they had a cap on them as dirt and water are always present around the bleeder. You are an ingenious fella. Bet you use to tear up your parents appliances just the hell of it...


LOL I think I will install the valves tomorrow (too much Calculus homework tonight) I will post results when I get done! Later,


Sweet! I'm going to check MCmaster-carr and MSC ind. for a industrial duty valve. better internals. I'll find a link or a pic

Side Note.. MOTOMAN did you put a set of Race Tech gold valves on your bike?

I havent installed the bleeder valves yet! Someone just brought me an XR200 with a blown up tranny and now the little 200 gets 1st proirity over my bike (since I get paid for it)! Let me know if you find an industrial valve (because I still have the receipt for mine)

Yes I did install the Gold Valves on my bike (front and rear) search for "YZF midvalve..." and this post got like 80 replies. I also have a write up @ I will have detailed pics whenever 2 of my friends decide to install the gold valves on their YZ's! Later,


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