fork bleeder screws...

What do you think of using a grease zerk? Just push down on the spring loaded ball to relieve pressure. It's small and doesn't need a cap to unscrew. Just don't let anyone grease your forks for you!


I zerk fitting would work great...but is it air tight? You wouldn't want air or oil to come out LOL! A zerk would be better since it is smaller and does anyone know if there is a internal o-ring or some sort of a seal inside the zerk fitting? A zerk fitting is where your grease gun attaches to (for anyone who doesnt know what it is) Later,


Every time I come to this thread someone has thought of a new way to let air out! LOL

I'm not sure if it is airtight or not. I will try to find out. If it is, I would bet that you can find one that is 5mm (I think that is the size) and you would not have to drill & tap. You could simply put a small o-ring onto the zerk.

Now that would be cool! Let me know what you find out! Later,


Adjustable Brass Vacuum/Pressure Relief Valves

• Vacuum Rating: 0 to 27" Hg

• Maximum Temperature: 250° F

Adjust these all-brass valves to relieve vacuum from 0 to 27" of mercury. They also convert to pressure-relief valves (not pop-safety) for low-pressure applications. Pressure adjusts from 0-20 psi with the knurled adjustment screw. Valves have a Type 302 stainless steel spring. The 1/4" pipe size valve has a Type 440C stainless steel ball as a poppet; 3/8" and 3/4" pipe size valves have a nylon poppet with nitrile seal. Connections: NPT male bottom inlet and vented top outlet. Pipe Size Height Each

1/4" 1 11/16" 48935K25 $7.33

there was a picture...

go to there site and search 48935k25 then view the page desciption... the 1 at the bottom.

... could work! they also have good info on Grease fittings.(zerk) I'll call the manufactuer tomorrow and see if they might have a metric size. and how strong these things are. :)

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I would think that if the grease zerk leaked air pressure that would be better yet. Isn't our goal to get air out and keep the oil in? The pressure of the ball against the seat should also keep out water and dirt. This may be the lightest, cheapest, easiest works part yet!


Would the leg fully extended cause a vacum and suck air on a zerk fitting ? ? ?

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