13 YZ450 with flexx bars

Installed flexx bars and cycra flexx bar handguards on my 13 YZ450 and now my front # plate doesn't fit as very well. I'm getting ready to cut the strap off the # plate that goes around the bars, but wanted to check to see if anyone else had a cleaner way of making the # plate fit better. I do have my bar mounts in the forward holes.



I'd say just cut the strap off, it doesn't do a whole lot any way. I've got a bad wrist and was thinking about getting those bars as well for my '11.

The strap is to keep the front brake hose from getting stuck behind the number plate.  Just make sure that the brake line can not snag on anything when the suspension compresses and you should be find just trimming it off like glenn19 said.

I cut mine off on my 09 with cycras. Has caused no issues.

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