yz426 Supermoto Sprocket Setup

I have a yz426f that im turing into a supermoto and im trying to find a good ratio. I have a 13 front and 50 back and i know that wont work for the streets so i was wondering what a good setup would be. I read that a couple people would run a 15/41 but i want a setup thats gonna give me alot of power as well as speed.

17 inch wheels?


The ratio isn't going to change the power, just at what road speed max power or max torque are delivered, depending on what gear you are in. We used to run 15/38 to 15/40 with 17 inch wheel, depending on the course on our speed hill climb/supermoto 450, but that had been tuned significantly so it would easily pull the tall gearing. We had a 36 rear but never found a straight long enough to use it.



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