anyone have a fmf megabomb header?

Ive seen some good reviews for this but wondering if its ever caused any burns due to no heat shield. Is it worth the money and do you like it? (Extra power/sound) and a good exhaust to go with it? 09 yz250f

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Good question. I have a 2013 WR and like the factory head pipe just fine. It has a chamber much like the Power Bomb but also has a heat guard. Connected to and FMF slip on and it's a good set-up. Buy still I would like to hear opinions about the FNF head pipes.

I've used the FMF megabomb and Q4 on 2 bikes, trying both bikes with the Q4, with and without the megabomb.  01 WR250F and 09 WR450F.  Neither bike came with a bulge in the header like the Powerbomb, as the later models do.  In both cases, if there is a power increase, it's small.  You would have to put the bike on a dyno to see it.  But it does make the bike noticeably quieter so I was more likely to use the power that was there.  So the megabomb makes a bike a little quieter with no restriction or loss of power.  Worth it to me as I don't want to bother other users of the areas where I ride.

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I tried a mega bomb picked up a little on the bottom but lost too much on the top. So I sold it.

I was always curious about the regular FMF powerbomb if it made any difference over the stock header. Any insight?

Fmf megabomb is awesome on bottom end but takes away from the top end. I have a fmf powerbomb for sale not a nick on it. (Totaled 14 wr) also have a gytr programmer and ims 3.0 gal tank for sale. If anyones interested.

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