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2015 piston in 2014 YZF?

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It's almost time for me too.  My 14 doesn't use any measurable oil in 6-8 engine hours though.  


Does anyone know if you can get circlips for the wrist pin that have the extra bend in them?  I mean the ones that you can grab and compress easily with needle nose pliers.  If you have never used them, they're worth looking into.  This kind but for a yz obviously:  




After you zing the stock ones across the room a few times, you'll see how nice these are.  I'm not sure if they are available for four strokes now, but you used to be able to buy a version of them.    

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we have 60+ hours on our 14 and valves and piston are most certainly due.  MXA says the ring land is redesigned to use less oil on the 15 - wondering if I should order the 15 kit instead of the 14.  Will it work on the 14 and is it worth it? 


As for the circlips, put one in on the bench and drape a paper towel over the piston while installing the second - keeps it from flying if it springs loose.

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