Hot start

I have a YZ426F 2002 it has hot start and decompression lever on it. The question is when I ride for a long time and I turn the bike off then when I start it back up I never have to use the hot start lever. Could that mean I have a different cam. I still have to use the decompression lever. Could I take the hot start lever off and is there anything I can do to cover the hole on the motor where the cable goes in.

Hot start is on the carburetor, the manual decompression cable is what's going to the motor..

You are right. Can I take it off the carb. Is what I should have put.

Think they came with a plunger on the carb setup originally, you could get the parts to put it back to that, then the lever will be off your bar and you'll still have the hot start if you ever do need it.

If I never use the hot start what does that mean. I know others that have the same bike and they have to use there hot start all the time.

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