Whats good Stock Suspension settings for a 01 426F?

Anybody got a good baseline for a "B" rider with stock Suspension for somewhat sandy chopped up tracks with big jumps? I mean, Fork rebound/compression and shock Rebound/ compression and Hi Speed setting?

See that alot of guys are running more oil in the forks....why?

Thanks :)

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Bumped up...........

i have my forks set at 12 out on compression, 11 out on rebound with 100 mm oil height with 44 kg springs, my shock is 15 out on compression, 12 out on rebound with a 5.2 spring, i weigh 170 lbs

I'm 190 (without gear) and ride the 40+ master class.

I had my forks set at 6 out on compression and 11 out on rebound. I also added 10mm of oil to help with bottoming. I also raised the forks 10mm in the clamps to help with turning.

I had the shock at 95mm of sag, 8 out on compression and 10 out on rebound. The high speed compression was at 1 1/4 turns in.

That worked pretty well for me with the stock valving. I recently had the forks revalved and the settings are now different. The shock was pretty good stock so I just had it serviced and the settings are the same.

Hope this helps, Ernie

TX, your pretty close to my weight, what class do you ride? and, where you at on the Hi speed shock adjuster?

Ernie, wow, 1 1/4? I had it at 1. I moved it to 1/2 to try and it seemed to be a big improvement..

i usually run my high speed between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 turns..i race cross country, in the 4stroke expert, but i like my setup on the soft side..racing 3 hrs at a time kills me, hehe

Thanks guys, I'm gonna try the settings out.....

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