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Transmission Problem - Won't shift out of first gear

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Unfortunately, aside from inspecting the clutch operation, there's not much you can do for the transmission without splitting the cases. If you got lucky, the shift pawl mechanism is just jammed, and no parts have catastrophically failed.

If the shifter is stuck, you can try rocking the rear wheel back-forth while manipulating the shifter to try to free it up.

If the shifter moves, but will not select another gear, you likely have a broken shift pawl/drum pin or a bent/broken shift fork.

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Thanks for the response.  Any links to show where that is located on the bike?


the shifter is located in front of the left foot peg, about near where the front of your foot would be if riding.


The gear shift spindle and external portion of the shift drum are located under the clutch in the 7-8 o'clock position. The shift forks and internal portion of the shift drum are inside the cases.


I tried to upload a pic, but couldn't. Its page 10-17 in the shop manual.

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