Yz450f must do mods for the trails.

I just bought my 04 yz 450f. I've gone through most of the previous discussions on TT but have a few questions...

I want my bike setup up for trails, I plan on changing the chain and sprocket. does 13/51 sound good? Is there a recommended brand for woods?

From what I have read a heavier flywheel is a must for the woods, can I add the weight to the stock one, or will that cause me problems? If I can add the weight should I get 10oz or 13oz?

Do I need a bigger aftermarket water pump?

The rekluse set up is so expensive, is that a must???

Thanks for your help, I'm knew to TT so I hope I put this in the right spot

The only "must" is suspension.  From there, everything is all preference.

The '04 is a horrible woods choice, it's got a 4 speed gear box. I had one and tried to make it woods friendly, it was terrible. You could either gear it for technical riding which would give you a top speed of around 35-40, or gear it for more open terrain which put first gear around 20 mph.

I have an 09. I went with heavier flywheel and love it. Suspension and gearing also helped me.

I had an 03 terrible bike it overheated like no other

I had a 03 yz 450f, it was a monster for trail riding, but I loved it. I geared mine a little taller than stock to tame the hit, and added a flywheel weight. It really smoothed it out and made it much easier to ride, however as was mentioned before, it had a very tall 1st gear. I think the ultimate would be to add a wr 5 speed and a flywheel weight. Of course the right springs and suspension first and foremost.

What front and rear sprocket size did you use for your 03??

How much do you weigh?

What front and rear sprocket size did you use for your 03??

  Front sprocket was 14 (stock I think) and the rear was 47, only 1 tooth higher than stock.  I originally tried 14/50 to use for trail riding, which worked great for low speed but the hit was brutal for me (older wuss) on an already brutal machine.  I tried the 47 rear first and it helped a bunch, then I installed the flywheel weight and together it was awesome!  The 03-05 4 speeds were more like having 1st gear removed instead 5th gear compared to a normal 5 speed.

I'm a fairly solid guy at about a buck85.

Yes rekluse is a must best money you can spend!

G2 throttle tube.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423859453.144045.jpg

What size flywheel weight?

I went with the heaviest weight that Steahly made for the 03 yz450, I think it was a 13 Oz. but I can't remember for sure. It made a huge improvement for trail riding.

I still own an 03 and love it in the trails. I ride really tight trails so mines geared at 12 49 and it works great on tight or open trails

Ive also only overheated mine once when i was stuck in the mud. So unless the trails your on are tighter than mine which i highly doubt you should be good to go

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