Handlebar bends, what do you run and why ?

I bent my bars(standard YZ bend HEBO’s) this weekend and I'm going to get a new pair of Renthal's this week, but before I do I would like to know what dimensions you guys are running.

I haven’t really experimented with bars nor do I know what bend to use and why.

Can someone shed some light on this subject ?

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Bars are a matter of personal taste and riding styles. I realize it's not practical, but if you et the opportunity to try bikes with different bars, you might find a bend that really suits you. I've tried two Renthals bends and then a Tag2. The Tag2 is a lower bend than I had been using and was surprised to find how much more comfortable I am with this bar. A lot of guys like the Renthal Windham bend. I think the oversize bars are the way to go since they won't tweak in minor crashes.

I use the Tag T2 SX bend, tall and less pull-back. It's the same as the RC bend.

I run the Renthal Fat Bar, McGrath bend I think.

Pro Taper, Doug Henry bend, Pro Taper upper triple clamp, bar clamp in forward position. The Henry bend bar is tall, flat and has little pullback. Good setup if your 6'+.

I use renthall yz std bend but that depend of what you feel comfortable with.you can see on your old grips if they worn out on end the bend is not good for you :)

Jimmy Button Renthals mounted onto a GYT-R top triple in the most forward position. At 6'5", I find this to be a more comfortable riding position than stock.

Thump on!


I like the McGrath bend (which is the same as the stock YZ bend I think) because it has (or had when I ordered them) the least amount of pullback of any bars available. I'd run a bit of 1/2" pipe if I had to. I like a straight bar. I'm 6'0" and this suits me very well.

Thanx guys for giving me some ideas; I explained to the dealer that I was looking for a bar with medium rise , wide , with little back sweep. His Renthal supplier is sending him 5 bars that they think I’ll like, I’m going to have a look at them this afternoon. He mentioned that 2 of the 5 were McGrath and Smets bends.

I’ll let you guys know what I went with.

Renthal Twin-Walls. CR bend.

I run Azonics om my 426 and i like em a lot no problems with them yet. 01'426,azonic bars,michelin s-12, big gun exhaust,afam chain/sprockets,48pj,168mj,fs-1turn out


I posted two links to MX south pages last night. That post is gone this morning. They have bar dimensions on their pages. If you look at mx south under answer or tag in the brand name catagory they have dimensions of all the bends. http://www.mxsouth.com/


I'm 5'6" and I run Tag T2 YZ ( wich is really a McGrath bend) with Vortex triple clamps in the forward position.

I adjust them quite high (rotated forward), that's something that makes quite a difference for riding agressively, over the front, and to help with regrip without dropping your elbows.



Went to the dealer yesterday afternoon, he showed me the 5 bars and I ended up choosing the YZ bend, the others were either too narrow, too high or had too much back sweep.

Le Racer – I do exactly the same thing biggthumpup.gif

I’m usually very indecisive about these things, thanx guys for all your recommendations xyxthumbs.gif

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