XR400 rear 110/100-18 or 120/100-18

I am going to try some Kenda Millville tires.

Should I go with a 120 or 110?

since you have a 400 , the 120 is probably better suited, i use 120 S12's on my 250 because for the same price it has 10% more rubber on it, and the rocks and root infested trails i ride in does not rob me of power. i'm not riding in sand it seems to make little difference.

thats my 2 cents worth!



On the XR400 you can go either way. The bike will accellerate better with the 110 but will stop better with the 120. I tried 400X18 ( 110/100X18 ) MT16 on my XR440 and it hooked up good but was a bit skatey on braking. I went with the 450X18 MT16 ( 120/100X18) because my 440 had enough power to handle it and stopped better and had better cornering control.

You can't compare to a Michelin S12 in sizes at all. They use a completely off the wall measurement. I believe outside knob to outside knob. Most tire companies use carcus body width. Which is much narrower. A 120/90X18 Mich is a 125/200 tire. OR it works OK on a 250 4 stroke. But not on a 400cc+ bike.



I was told that the 110 will be better in cornering, but I believe the wider contact patch of the 120 will be better overall. Next tire for me will be a 120. Hell, Kieth's running a 140! :)

I always heard bigger was better........... :)

...and size does matter! :)

Bigger is bigger.

The XR400 comes stock with a 110/100-18.

I have been running a 120/100-18 Kenda Trackmaster II, but I thought about dropping to a 110. The reason is it would be a bit easier to break loose the rear wheel for brake sliding into corners and rear wheel steering coming out of corners. Also, I could make the rear spin a big more to keep rpm up on big climbs.

I ordered a set of Kenda Millvilles with a 120 rear. I'll see how they work.

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