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How to tell what year my new Timberwolf 250 is?

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I picked up an older Yamaha Timberwolf 250 2x4 over the weekend and the previous owner had no idea what year it was.   


It's going to be a winter project to go through it and get it going again.   He said it ran great then a buddy of his said he was going to tune it up for him and after his tune up it wouldn't start so they parked it.   He has no idea what was done to it.   


Price was right $260 and it seems complete nothing's missing and visually just needs a cleaning and seat cover.    I gave it a nice bath and it cleaned up really good.   


I have no idea what kind of tune up was done it does have a fresh plug but was missing the coil.   I borrowed a coil from my Yamaha 225 DX 3 wheeler and it sparked so I sprayed a little starting fluid in and it fired right up and idled for a few seconds.   Sounded OK to me.   


I want to order some parts like a seat cover, coil, etc and I need to know what year it is.   I'm guessing 1998 based on pictures of other bikes I have seen.   I cannot find anything on the chassis other than the serial #on the engine and that hasn't been much help. 


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