best rear tire

What are peoples favorites for 450?

I'm running Dunlop MX32 tires front and rear and I really like them.    My practice track is in the North East and it has everything from sandy sections to sand/gravel to dry/muddy dirt,  I also do some occasional woods riding where the terrain is very soft.   They just seem to do everything well,  imo.

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Yeah I'll have to second the mx32. Great tire. Very noticeable difference from the stock 51. I too ride all mixed terrain and this tire responds very well too all.

For off road i wont run anything but a Maxxis maxxcross IT rear. The Maxxcross EN is great for the front. 

It all depends on the terrain that you ride in.  Rocky, muddy, loamy dirt, hardpack, desert?

What if im gonna ride it all in one trip? I have the maxxis it on now and that thing sucks!!!! Hard dirt is like ice with that thing

Mostly high desert been running maxxis desert it seems to last longest..thanks.

MX32 is probably the best rear tire I've tried, especially in parts of the desert where there's more soft terrain. It's much better than the MX51 I replaced it with. My bike wheelies out of every corner and this tire even kept me from getting stuck several times, going up some steep, technical sand hills where other rear tires would have lost traction. Worth the money.

Artrax sx1 is a great tire and last just as long or longer than maxxis for half the price

We've had really good luck with Michelin ms3 front and rear in all types of conditions. Hook up well and last a long time.

the best one is a free one, if its new.

the best one is a free one, if its new.

I agree. To bad they are not free!

I haven't tried the mx32 yet, how stiff are the sidewalls? My all time favorite is the Michelin HP4 + TUbliss. Traction is unreal and they last a long time


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