Hooking up brake light switch on WR 450 12-15

Who has hooked a brake light switch and where do you connect in to. Thanks I looked for a youtube video with no luck. Anyone with pictures that would be willing to share that would be great Thanks.

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On my older bike I just bought the banjo bolt that replaces the bolt right on the master cylinder. It senses enough pressure and closes the circuit.

One lead in is 12v and lead out turns 12v when pressure is sensed.

The stock taillight has a brake circuit. Use a Banjo style switch in the rear master cyl. Run battery power to one lead then run the other lead to the taillight wire harness plug.

NOTE: Unplug your stock taillight and you'll notice that there are three wires from the light but only two wires on the bike side of the harness. Use that open hole to power your brake light.

Forget the old mechanical spring & plunger style

As a minimum you'll need to braze some tabs on....pain in the arse

Go with a hydraulic switch setup like mentioned above

Baja designs has a hydraulic switch the sell with their dual sport conversion kits

I've tried both banjo hydraulic pressure switched from Rocky Mountain and both worked fine.

Next time I'll just buy the cheaper of the 2.

Thank you guys for your help.

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