Correct Insert for FMF Ti Powercore?

Hey all, I recently picked up a 2007 450f. It has a Ti Powercore installed, but it's both loud and lacks a spark arrestor. I've had it out at Ocotillo a couple times, but only on weekdays so far. Been hearing lots of talk about stepped up enforcement lately so I want to get legal.

Looking at the FMF website, there are 2 quietcore spark arrestor inserts for the Ti Powercore, but nothing that indicates what the difference is (other than diameter). I emailed FMF a week ago with no reply and I stopped by their truck in the pits at A1, but with the DJ/MC and an autograph session with Miss Somethingorother, couldn't get anyone who knew what an exhaust is to talk to me.

Does anyone know what insert is correct for the Ti Powercore?

Is one just quieter than the other?

Do they come with doublers/rivets, or do I have to order separately?

Any help is appreciated!

Spoke to FMF and several distributors today. While no one seems to have any (even FMF is back ordered), here's what I've found:

FMF 040288 - 1 3/8" insert, 97-ish db

FMF 040630 - 1 1/8" insert, 95db

GYTR 33D-E46C0-T0-00 - same as FMF 040288

Amazon has the GYTR unit in stock, but won't ship to California???

Got a quiet core insert from rocky mountain m/c fit in my power core just fine and much quieter.

Thanks for the reply. I found what I was looking for by calling around. Was looking to find the difference between the 2 different inserts (2-3db), and accidentally found the GYTR part number as damn near everyone in the country is out of stock right now except Amazon , and that's only because they won't ship to California!

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