2002 WR 250F Best Dual Sport tire ?

What is the best tire for traction , reliability , and durability for street and trails . Looking to commute ,and trail ride ?

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With my research I ended up going with Michelin AC10 tires.

Just finished installing yesterday so can't say anything about them yet.

Kenda Parker DT

Sedona snake tire, although not DOT legal...

No one tire does it all that I have seen (I could be wrong)

If you do 90% off road and occasional road ride, go with a DOT approved knobby

The DOT tires have a much harder compound that lasts 3X or longer

Advantage: Long Lasting, Disadvantage: Hard compound not quite as grippy

A full on knobby shows itself in mud & sand where the big gaps dont get 'clogged'


That said, if you do 80% street and only occasional off road, go with a 'dual sport' pattern.

Again, if you go too much in the street direction the gaps (the sipes) become small and clog

up easily. A road tire is all about contact patch so they want to make the sipes really narrow


So do you see the trade-off that exists here? Its hard to get it all.


I have a spare set of rims and have one with knobby and one with dual sport tires

Thanks for the replys . I really appreciate everyone !! 

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