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Help Needed - Measure Length of AP Rod on Flat Slide FCR

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Can somebody with the flat slide (non-MX) FCR, such as that which came on older model K and E DRZs, do me a favor?  I need a measurement for the length of the accelerator pump rod.


For reference, the part is part #72 in this diagram (near bottom right):



Here is the rod itself:



A buddy lost the rod and we made a new one out of some steel we had, but we can't be sure that the length is right.  New rods are $25 (crazy!), so I just want the measurement so we can make sure that the replacement part is the right length.


The bike works pretty well with the replacement piece we made but there are a few minor issues and I'd like to make sure this part is right.



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If only this was posted a couple days earlier, I had it completely out inspecting it making sure it was a 90° bend as well as strait and could have measured it for you. Now it's all assembled and buried in the frame behind the oil vapor box and exhaust. Sorry

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